We are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative products that we can help connect with other businesses around the world who are seeking the latest exciting products. We welcome new business proposals of your products or services if you wish for us to represent your company in overseas markets.

Once we screen the suitability of your products/services for overseas trade, we will give you our honest opinion with what we can hope to achieve in terms of market penetration with regards to demand for such goods based on our market research and expertise.

We have represented manufacturers and suppliers ranging from the health & fitness industries offering both consumer and commercial grade fitness equipment, to sports equipment companies and suppliers of household goods such as kitchen & bedroom appliances.  Our small yet versatile team are dedicated to researching and sourcing information on a variety of industries, our vast global market knowledge is what separates us from other international trade agencies.

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Contact us with details about what products or services you want to import or export and we will provide you with information on how we can help you. We are particularly interested in new-to-market & innovative products and would welcome your interest in working together with us.

Please note that we regularly receive proposals for us to work with a number of potential clients in promoting their products/services. However, we prefer to keep the number of agency agreements we have in place at any one time limited to just a select few for the best interests of our clients in order for us to maintain our high standards and continue to provide the best possible service to them. We therefore cannot guarantee that we will take on new clients at any one particular time.