We provide a first class and exceptional service to all of clients, business partners and customers including but not limited to:

Market Research

Whether you are an importer or exporter you will need to know which market(s) to target and the right products for those markets you wish to enter into. It can be very confusing, costly and time consuming just to know where to begin but we can save you all the time and hassle with less up-front costs.


For exporters – We will assess your products or services and based on the market research we will carry out on your behalf, we will determine the most suitable markets for your exports and avoid markets that may not be as profitable.


For importers – We will research the best markets from which to import the goods or services you require for the highest quality at the best price.


Market research is an ongoing process and therefore never ending. We will be your eyes and ears 24/7 constantly updating you on the latest trends, market demands & changes, competitors and current affairs to help you determine your next steps in international trade.

Marketing And Promoting

We market and promote our clients products and services extensively in each given territory and tailored to the local market. We work closely with you to advise your business on the most effective marketing and promotional methods for each product or service in individual overseas markets.

Locating potential buyers and sellers

If you are an exporter we help you to identify reputable customers in need of your products or services in the most suitable overseas territories. We negotiate the most preferential sales of contract terms on your behalf or we can just provide you with the sales leads for you to deal directly with.


If you are an importer, we help with sourcing the products or services you require from the most reputable suppliers at the best price and quality in carefully researched markets overseas.


We also help with:


  • Pinpointing the key entry points and niches in the target market and determining the potential sales volume of those particular markets.


  • Analysis of the competition for similar products or services in your target markets.


  • Fully involved in the whole sales process from start to finish and thereafter.


  • Handling of all necessary paper work and identifying tax duties, tariffs, regulations and other trade restraints.


  • A quick call or email away to answer any questions and queries that you may have.


  • Keeping our clients up to date to ensure the smooth running and co-operation of all business relationships established, building trust and rapport for long-term successful trading.


  • Much More – contact us for more information on what we can do for you.



You can rest assured that your businesses overseas expansion plans are fully safe in our hands in establishing long-term and very lucrative trade partnership agreements.


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