In order for us to work with you as your international trade representatives, we will need to have a written document detailing everything that is expected from parties An Agency Agreement or Contract would be drawn up with agreed terms and signed for on behalf of both companies. This is the basis of an agency agreement.

Initially we will have a discussion and then a draft agreement will be drawn up that will include all the terms and conditions that we negotiate between us. Once we are both satisfied with the terms of the agreement, a final agency agreement will be drawn up and a copy will be provided to both parties to be signed. Subject to both companies signing the agreement, we will then get started on working alongside your company to help expand its overseas operations.


What is included in an Agency Agreement?

Whilst there may be as few or as many terms in an agency agreement and all agency agreements are unique and vary between all our clients, there are specific terms which are standard to be included, examples of such but not limited to are:

  • What is expected of usAgreement
  • What is expected of you
  • Our rate of remuneration
  • The territory or territories where we can sell into
  • The length of our agreement
  • The start and end of our agreement
  • The exact product or range of products we are permitted by you to sell


Once we have an agency agreement in place we will then start with our work. We will start by identifying your main competitors in the agreed territories and compile a report on them, their strengths and weaknesses and then work closely with you on a marketing and promoting strategy. We will then start locating potential buyers and contacting them to arrange meetings and providing them with marketing materials of your products. Once we have arranged meetings, we will then do a presentation of your products to them and attempt to negotiate and close the sale. We will then put any orders through to you.


Once payment for the goods have been received, we will then take our agreed fee/commission. This works best for you as we are only paid once we have made sales and payment for the goods have been received.


We will be dealing with all customer and new business enquiries on your behalf and will be providing you with any product and market feedback throughout the length of our agreement and will be constantly keeping you to date with any market trends or shifts.


Contact us for more information on any questions you may have.