At Global Networks Trading we pride ourselves on our personal level of customer service, our attention to detail and obsession with respecting your business and its brand, ensuring all our clients are fully satisfied and our professional attitude in our approach to everything we do. We listen to all of your businesses needs, overseas expansion plans and ideas and discuss what you may hope to achieve and how we will set out to try and help your business to achieve its goals.


file9151263244692-editWith the success we believe we can achieve in assisting our clients in their overseas expansion plans, we believe it mainly comes down to our dedication, work ethic, professionalism and our commitment on a personal level which only a small and dedicated team of professionals who pride themselves in their work and their meticulous attention to detail we have here at Global Networks Trading can provide to our clients. We like to build a wonderful and personal rapport with all our clients and we are fully dedicated to their success.


We have put in place a selected team of professionals who aim to successfully negotiate the sale of many products all over the world with favourable terms and who will source the best quality products at attractive prices on behalf of our clients who have put their trust in us to deliver on what we promise. This will hopefully enable our clients to expand their businesses successfully into overseas markets which may result in reducing their dependency on their local market. There is untapped potential in going beyond your domestic borders and doing business overseas and we are determined to help you achieve that.


Our dedicated team will carry out market research, locate suitable territories for our clients products, negotiate the right agreement terms on behalf of our clients, and intend to establish long-term profitable business relationships which can possibly open many more doors to other lucrative opportunities. We are constantly looking at sourcing new markets in foreign territories and aiming to create trade links that may have previously been more difficult to enter, thereby providing our clients with the opportunity for an increase in profits and possibly establishing them in the global market place.


By having an agency agreement with Global Networks Trading Ltd you wifile8841263244527 - editll be safe in the knowledge that your overseas business plans are in the very best of hands with very experienced agents who have a very good understanding and knowledge of international trade. Working together with us with an agency agreement could increase your company’s opportunities and could potentially unlock a whole new world of foreign markets being opened up to you giving your business the opportunity and possibility of expanding from a domestic business into a global business and with our help it would take less time and hassle than if you did it alone. Whilst trading goods overseas does carry a certain level of financial risk, we do our best to help you minimise these risks, and since we do not charge any upfront fees for an agency agreement with us, there is no financial risk to use our services whatsoever. We charge a commission for the sales we make on your behalf, no sales means no cost to you!